Michael Morwood
Progressive Christianity

Michael Morwood is well-known throughout Australia for his involvement with the Progressive Christian network.
He was the keynote speaker at the launch of the Victorian network. He was one of the first speakers chosen to speak to the Sydney and Brisbane groups. He has run several programs for the Adelaide group.
IN 2006 he was a keynote speakers at the national Sea of Faith conference in Sydney.
In August 2007 he presented a workshop on Prayer for Progressive Christians at the "Common  Dreams" national conference of Progressive Christian/Religious Thought in Sydney featuring Bishop Spong.
Michael regularly lectures and conducts retreats and workshops in Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland and England on themes such as  Re-Shaping Christian Thought and Imagination; Praying a New Story; Contemporary Christian Spirituality and Questions of Faith for Modern Christians.
He is the author of international best-selling books that include:
Tomorrow's Catholic. Understanding God and Jesus in a New Millennium. (Twenty-Third Publications, Mystic. Ct.)  At the time of writing the book, Michael was a Catholic priest. His book was banned and Michael silenced by the then Archbishop of Melbourne, Australia, George Pell. Michael resigned from priestly ministry at the end of 1998. Subsequently he has published:

Is Jesus God? (Crossroad Publishing NY). Bishop John Spong wrote: "A provocative, powerful and life-giving book! Michael Morwood is raising ... the right and obvious questions that all Christians must face. In his response he provides fresh and perceptive possibilities for a modern and relevant faith."

Praying a New Story (Orbis Books, Maryknoll NY) - acclaimed by Spirituality and Health magazine in its Best Spiritual Book Awards in 2004. The book is widely used as a resource for liturgies and in helping people to shift from praying to "an elsewhere God".

From Sand to Solid Ground. Questions of Faith for Modern Catholics. (Crossroad Publishing NY). The subtitle in the Australian edition is Questions of Faith for Modern Christians since the book is addressed to progressive Christians.
"... an extraordinary book of courage and vision.
Michael Morwood dares to speak and articulate clearly what more and more Catholics today quietly struggle with and question. His writing exemplifies the giftedness of a true teacher. The book’s simple yet elegant style succeeds where perhaps more scholarly, academic theology does not. True teaching not only exposes and explains but inspires and explores as well. Morwood’s passionate approach to the faith does all of this and more.”
—Barbara Fiand, author of From Religion Back to Faith and In the Stillness You Will Know

2009  Children Praying a New Story. A Resource for Parents, Grandparents and Teachers.
For more information visit MIchael's website, www.morwood.org

Michael also has a 3 DVD set with over 7 hours presentation on Reshaping Christian Imagination. The Challenge of Articulating a Christian Spirituality for Our Times.
It is available in the United States only from Essentially Books, 6957 E Fifth Ave, Suite 4, Scottsdale. Arizona. Phone 480 970 4288.  Cost: $30 + $5 postage.  Details on the six sessions can be found on Michael's website.

If you would like to engage Michael to speak in your area, you can contact him via his website www.morwood.org

Michael is now living in South Bend, Indiana.